* Flying Origami With English Instructions *

* Flying Origami With English Instructions *
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Paper folding takes to the air with this collection of flying origami models. Each of the models in this collection has a unique flying quality ranging from aerobatic stunt planes to classic gliders. There is even a twirling sycamore seed. With the instructions provided you will be able to make whole squadrons of origami aircraft to fly either by themselves or against each other. You can test the Matador against the Taurus. The Hawk against the Sparrow or the Interceptor against the Dart.

This set contains 30 sheets of brightly colored origami paper and a full color instruction book. The detailed booklet will guide you through the folding of 11 different flying models.

Dart-Beginner, Hawk-Beginner, Swift-Beginner, Glider-Intermediate, Sycamore-Beginner, Arrow-Beginner, Taurus-Intermediate, Sparrow-Beginner, Matador-Beginner, Interceptor-Intermediate.

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